The Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (CRHA) and the City of Charlottesville have been talking about Redevelopment of Public Housing for a VERY LONG TIME.

So have we, THE RESIDENTS!

It seems that all the forces are converging to finally make redevelopment a reality. This presents serious challenges and dangers to residents, but it also presents amazing opportunities to:
– Improve and repair our public housing communities
– Make amends for the past (like Vinegar Hill and Garret St, urban renewal, slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the drug war, and the destruction of the social safety net)
– expand affordable housing
– address gentrification
– create a vibrant, resident focused future!

PHAR and Residents are crafting a plan for a “Positive Vision of Resident Directed Redevelopment”. We have the seeds for this plan in place- a summary of what will become a much more expanded, living, document articulating a realistic, resident plan for the future of public housing in Charlottesville! Residents support the “Positive Vision” and we hope that all of you will too. It is time to say “YES” to something that we all can get behind!

Check out these resources, and stay tuned for more posts and information that will help us all make redevelopment a reality!

Positive Vision for Resident Directed Redevelopment APRIL 2016
A short version of the things residents support for redevelopment

Positive Vision Resident Power Point April 2016
A resident focused presentation of the Positive Vision, with some explanations of impactful issues

Residents’ Bill of Rights for Redevelopment
Approved in 2008 by City Council and the CRHA, guiding principles agreed to for redevelopment. THIS IS THE FOUNDATION FOR EVERYTHING REGARDING REDEVELOPMENT! Stand up for the Residents Bill of Rights!

Westhaven Drainage and Design Slides- Anna Cai Thesis
Anna Cai’s slide presentation of her thesis on drainage, design, and issues at Westhaven.

2009 Master Plan for Redevelopment- Wallace Roberts and Todd
Master plan for redevelopment that has yet to be implemented. Scores of residents were involved, some feel their voices weren’t heard. A financing plan was never put in place and may have left the Master Plan irrelevant and unrealistic.

Charlottesville Strategic Investment Area Plan (SIA)
City of Charlottesville’s plan for developing the area south of downtown containing 3 pubic housing sites, and 3 parcels of unused land owned by the CRHA. The plan calls for extreme increase in density, and many residents felt that their concerns were dismissed during the planning process.

SIA Implementation Update Power Point April 2016
City of Charlottesville update on the Strategic Investment Area- contains demographic information about on-going gentrification in the SIA and current steps being taken toward implementation of the SIA plan.

Here’s some great past posts from our webpage about Redevelopment:

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