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PHAR Wants You! Now Hiring!

Job Description: Part-Time Administrative Assistant/Administrator

Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents

Overview: The Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents (PHAR) is hiring a part-time (20 hours/week) Administrative Assistant/Administrator.  Pay will depend on experience/skills: $15-$16/hour.

PHAR’s mission is “to educate and empower low-income residents to protect and improve our communities through collective action.”

This position manages the PHAR office and documents, maintains an organizational calendar, coordinates meetings and other events, and will be the primary coordinator for Westhaven Community Day. This position reports directly to the PHAR Lead Organizer.

Helpful qualities: The ideal candidate will possess…

  • Communication and writing skills,
  • Computer skills,
  • Excellent organizational and detail-oriented skills
  • Commitment to improving lives of low-income people,
  • Flexible scheduling abilities.

Candidates must have or demonstrate the ability to: multi-task, keep records, and understand and adhere to non-profit governance structures, attend evening meetings on the 2nd Monday of every month.

Specific duties include:   

  1. Maintain and coordinate an organization-wide calendar including meeting dates, timelines, and events. Issuing notices and reminders to a large group of diverse people and coordinating logistics.
  2. Maintain and generate documents, take and type up meeting minutes, maintain contact databases, answer calls, staff and maintain the office.
  3. Prepare materials, attend, and record PHAR Board and Committee Meetings.
  4. Coordinate Westhaven Community Day in August, including coordinating meetings and volunteers, working closely with the PHAR Chair to implement this annual event.
  5. Other responsibilities as assigned.

To apply:  Send or bring a cover letter and resume to:

Public Housing Association of Residents

1000 Preston Ave., Suite C

Charlottesville, VA 22903

Questions?  Call 434-984-3255

PHAR is an equal opportunity employer.
PHAR encourages public housing residents/voucher holders, low-income residents, persons of color, women, persons with disabilities and formerly incarcerated persons to apply.

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