Drainage and Design at Westhaven

A new way of thinking about drainage and design at Westhaven?

Westhaven Drainage and Design Slides- Anna Cai Thesis

When Westhaven was built 50 years ago the whole area was “dug out” so that it wasn’t visible to or a part of West Main Street. This had led to 50 years of extreme water runoff from parking lots and roof tops on West Main down the back slope of Westhaven and towards homes. The moisture and run off has led to air quality problems, the sink hole, and deterioration of the back slope. Westhaven still remains isolated from the rest of Charlottesville.

UVA student Anna Cai prepared her thesis based on the idea that addressing the run-off and drainage problems can be done in a way that not only provides adequate drainage, but also provides a better quality of life through design and better connectivity to the rest of the world.

Check out her slide presentation given to the PHAR Board of Directors and see what you think!
Westhaven Drainage and Design Slides- Anna Cai Thesis

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