Commence! The 2015-2016 PHAR Interns!

graduation 2016- grads with Bill and Catherine

The 2015-2016 PHAR Interns at Commencement with Guest Speaker William Harris, and HUD Field Office Director Catherine Lamberg

On April 13, 2016 PHAR was proud to celebrate the many accomplishments of LaQuandra, Travis, Richard, and Shanda during the course of the Internship Program. Their successes were many and the significantly improved the lives of hundreds of residents by advocating for and winning policy changes and fair treatment of residents. They participated fully in the hiring process for the new CRHA Executive Director and did a “damn fine job”!

Interns were instrumental in informing and spreading the love of PHAR’s Positive Vision for Resident Directed Redevelopment! The Positive Vision was made available to public the night of Intern Commencement as well! Have a look at the Vision here

and we got some positive attention from the media!
Daily Progress article on Intern Graduation

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