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COMMUNITY CENTERS-More Rights for Residents!


Did you know PHAR has been working to improve residents’ access to community centers?  Yesterday a meeting was held between PHAR, the Legal Aid Justice Center and CRHA to negotiate.  Major progress resulted! 

Here are the “wins”:

  • Better access for residents!  Longer hours, less restrictions.
  • Centers will be available more hours: 8:00am to 9:30pm.
  • Residents will be able to reserve the centers for 6 -8 hours on weekends and holidays!  On weekdays the limit will still be 4 hours, but you will be able to get more if there are no other reservations in the 2 weeks before the event.  CRHA will try to be flexible if you have a situation that needs more than 4 hours.
  • Electronic key code system (“key FOB”) should be in place near the end of the year.
  • No cameras!  Video Cameras will not be installed in the community centers!
  • The requirement for residents to be in “good standing” was changed to help residents have better access.  You will be allowed to reserve for an event if you owe a balance of less than $50 for less than 30 days, and you can ask for flexibility.


Thank you for supporting PHAR and helping to improve the quality of life in public housing neighborhoods!  Together we can make a difference!

Come to the October 27th CRHA Meeting at 7:00 pm at City Hall and let them know you support these great changes to the policy that will increase resident access and use of our community centers!

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