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PHAR Elections 2014- Nominations Now Being Accepted!

Please volunteer to run for election to PHAR’s Board of Directors

or nominate someone you know to run!

The Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents (PHAR) will be holding elections for its Board of Directors this summer.  The Board is composed of 10 elected members and 5 appointed members. Board members attend PHAR Board meetings once a month, bring concerns from their sites, turn out other residents to meetings and actions, and share information with residents at their sites.  We are now looking for volunteers to run for election to the PHAR Board!

Who can run for a seat on the Board?

All residents of Charlottesville public housing are members of PHAR.  Each member whose name appears on a CRHA lease and who is either the head of household (any age) OR at least 16 years of age shall have the right to vote for Board members, as well as to nominate someone to run for the Board and is also be eligible to be nominated to run for a seat on the PHAR Board.   Nominees for a seat on the Board must live in a public housing development.

What positions on the PHAR Board are open?

Elected representation among public housing sites is distributed as follows:

  • Large Housing sites [Crescent Hall, South First Street, Westhaven] elect 2 representatives each, and
  • Smaller Housing sites [Madison Avenue, Michie Drive, Sixth Street, Riverside/Scattered Sites] elect four representatives collectively. 

How to nominate someone to run for the PHAR Board, or volunteer yourself:

Any PHAR member may nominate themselves and/or any other eligible person for a seat on the PHAR Board of Directors by sending the name(s) and contact information (address, telephone numbers) of nominee(s) to:

PHAR, 1000 Preston Ave., Suite C, Charlottesville, Virginia, or

email, or fax (434)977-0558 or call 984-3255 (PHAR).

Nominations are due July 23rd

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