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Congratulations to PHAR Interns!

PHAR is proud and humbled to announce the successful completion of the PHAR Internship Program for 2013.
On February 11 the interns graduated from the program and received their certificates of completion, the event was well attended, and featured keynote speaker Holly Edwards, former vice-mayor of the City of Charlottesville.

PHAR is grateful and proud for all of the hard work and successes of our interns!

Congratulations to:
Sabrina Allen
Mary Faulkner
Christine Hester
Jamika Moore

2014 intern graduation w HollyThese 4 women brought energy, motivation, and critical thinking skills to to PHAR. Their successes were many and have an effect on their personal lives, the loves of public housing residents in Charlottesville, and have made a huge contribution to justice in public housing nationwide for their organizing work on RAD.

Among their many accomplishments were:
Job training and employment readiness– all four gaining employment at some point in the program

Meeting their personal goals and resolving issues
with the CRHA, work, and the schools

Applying for and being appointed
to the CRHA Board of Commissioners (congratulations Commissioner Allen!)

Drafting and advocating
for an expanded eviction prevention policy

Documenting Mold
and air quality issues in public housing

And finally- taking a stand against RAD
, the HUD program being considered by CRHA. PHAR could not have made the gains it did without the strong minds and able bodies of our 4 interns. Interns were critical in organizing residents to attend meetings, educating residents, educating residents and advocates nationwide, setting up trainings, speaking out and speaking up. They informed every document put out by PHAR concerning RAD including public comment, fact sheets, and list of 143 questions still unanswered by RAD. They learned about the effects and processes of RAD in other communities, and sent a Intern Letter to Residents¬†explaining what RAD is all about. Their impact has been huge! CRHA realized it was not prepared to make a decision about RAD in 2013. Guarantees have been made if the discussion is to move forward. If RAD becomes inevitable it will only happen with resident support and will have to ultimately benefit residents and be decided by residents on their own terms. Residents around the country have felt the impact of intern organizing on RAD! Residents are learning from PHAR’s example that decision making on RAD has to be on resident terms! PHAR is very proud of the history these women have made in their organizing efforts!

Congratulations and Thank You!

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PHAR trip to Hopewell- RAD

On Jnauary 10, 2014, PHAR Interns organized a trip to Hopewell, Va to learn more about RAD. Hopewell was in the process of making the conversion. PHAR learned a lot about RAD (and Hopewell) and we want to share that information with you!

Feel free to review the power point presentation about the trip. Make sure to contact PHAR anytime about how to get involved in organizing around RAD

Here’s the¬†Hopwell RAD Powerpoint

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