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May 1st March and Rally for Justice in Public Housing

Please sign and share the petition!
Stop the ACOP learn more here
May Day Flyer

And Join us for a MAY DAY RALLY and MARCH for JUSTICE and DIGNITY in
Public Housing

May Day Flyer JPEG


RALLY and MARCH for JUSTICE and DIGNITY in Public Housing

STOP the ACOP Changes!

3:00 pm – Federal Courthouse
( corner of McIntire and Water St.)

3:30 pm – Downtown
(from Courthouse to City Hall)

4:00 pm – City Hall
for Justice and Dignity
( free speech wall across from City Hall)

To Find a Ride, Help Organize, or for more Info
contact PHAR at: (434) 984-3255

Our Demands:

  • Justice, Respect, and Dignity
  • NO Late Fee Increase
  • NO Decrease in Rent Due Date
  • NO Evictions for Late Rent
  • NO Decrease in Income Reporting Period
  • NO Pet Fee Increase
  • NO Increase in Minimum Rent
  • NO Privatization of Public Housing
  • Trained and Competent Staff
  • Board Oversight of Staff
  • Maintenance and Rehab NOW !!!
  • Eviction Prevention NOT Punishment
  • Fair and Honest Grievance Procedures
  • Immediate Air Quality Assessment

May Day Flyer

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Fight The ACOP- Send an Email, then Show Up!

Help Fight Back against barbaric changes in the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan!
Send an e-mail by following this link

Thursday, 4/18
5:30 pm Westhaven Community Center

Monday, 4/22
7:00 pm City Hall (Public Hearing on ACOP)

Wednesday MAY 1st
Rally for Justice and Dignity in Public Housing
3:00 pm meet at Federal Courthouse
3:30 pm march to City Hall
4:00 pm- Rally at City Hall

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ACOP Facts

Upcoming Public Comment Sessions- learn more below!
-Thursday 4/18 5:30 pm Westhaven Community Center
-Monday 4/22 7:00 pm City Hall PUBLIC HEARING
-Wednesday 4/24 5:30 Location TBA

Facts about the ACOP and the Annual Plan:

What is the ACOP?
The Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan (ACOP) is a required policy document that all housing authorities must have. It must contain: selection from waiting list, screening of applicants, occupancy standards and policies, assisting families claiming illegal discrimination, informal review/grievance hearing procedures, rent determinations, annual and interim redetermination of family income and composition, procedures for inspections and the Violence Against Women Act

Why are they changing it?
The current policy does not address all of the issues that HUD says it must address. In late 2012 HUD did a review of the CRHA and is requiring that they create a new ACOP. CRHA claims that the fee and rent increases, and the stricter enforcement will off set the financial problems the housing authority has. HUD has recommended some changes.

When will they change it?
A final policy will be approved at the May CRHA meeting. A series of meetings and public input sessions will be held throughout April and May.

What is the Annual Plan?
The ACOP is a part of the annual plan. The annual plan must contain the ACOP, financial information, responses to the resident advisory board, capital improvements, and plans for demolition. HUD requires all housing authorities to submit an annual plan as part of a 5 year planning process.

Are the changes mandatory?
NO- only a few of the changes are mandatory, they are listed below.

How will this affect the CRHA?
CRHA will become more compliant with HUD regulation, they will have policies that will allow them to strictly enforce rent collections and evictions. The new increases WILL NOT raise the kind of revenue that the housing authority needs to survive.

How will this affect me?
Late fees are increasing, minimum rents are increasing, pet fees are increasing. If you pay your rent late it will be much harder for you to avoid possession and eviction, and it will cost you more money! More questions will be asked about your income at recertification.

Won’t they make these changes anyways?
NO- if residents stand together, speak up, and demand that they be heard we can stop the worst parts of the ACOP from passing.
Changes that are not mandatory
– Late fees will increase to $15
– The due date before late fees are charged will be on the 5th of the month instead of the 10th
– Automatic eviction will occur if you pay rent late 4 times in one year
– Minimum rent (for zero income families) will increase to $50
– Pet fees will increase dramatically- $200 deposit PLUS $10 per month
– Personal checks will not be accepted for late rent payments
– Must report income changes within 10 days instead of 30
– Includes RAD (rental assistance demonstration) in annual plan, this is a plan for decreasing public housing units

Changes required by HUD and Congress
– Lease renewal can be denied for failure to comply with terms and community service requirements
– Transfers will be prioritized in the following order- 1. Emergency situations, 2. reasonable accommodation, 3. Mandatory occupancy (unit size), and 4. Resident request for transfer
– defines “working” for exemption from community service as being 25 hours
– Deconcentration of poverty to allow higher incomes to be in public housing (some of this is not mandatory!)
– Zero income families must re-certify every 90 days

What isn’t in the plan
– eviction prevention
– rent calculation for people whose income changes frequently
– allowing for different rent due dates

There are many more changes contained in the ACOP, above are the highlights. For more information and to learn how to help stop these changes please call PHAR at (434) 984-3255 or e-mail Brandon at

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Stop the ACOP

Raising Fees and Rents
We Can Stop the ACOP
Show Up, Speak Up, Stand Up
Housing Authority Public Meetings
Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan (ACOP)

Resident Input Allowed!!!

Thursday 4/11 1:00 pm
South First Street Community Center

Thursday 4/18 5:30 pm
Westhaven Community Center

Monday 4/22 7:00 pm
(come early for press conference)

Wednesday 4/24 5:30
Location TBA

*Mark your calendar for May 1st in case we need to be in the streets to stop this attack on residents!

How the new policy (ACOP) effects

Leases- new leases, new rules

Late fees- increased to $15

Rent Collection- late fees charged on 6th of month instead of the 10th

Automatic Eviction- for 4 times paying late rent

Minimum rent- increased to $50

Pet policies- $200 deposit PLUS $10/month

Rent calculation- stricter enforcement, no provision for frequent changes in income

None of these changes are required by HUD!
Ask commissioners:
– why are the increases necessary?
– how did you determine the $ amounts for increases?
– Are you trying to evict residents and increase homelessness?
– are you serving the interests of residents and low income people?

Let them know:
– you are opposed to the changes
– how this affects your life as a resident of public housing
– how this will affect your neighbors


This policy will have more people owing more money, more often, going to court more often and being evicted more often.

WE can stop this TOGETHER if we

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CRHA Crackdown on Residents by way of the ACOP

CRHA Work Session to discuss plans for squeezing more money out of residents and increasing evictions

April 3
5:30 pm
Crescent Halls Community Room

This is a CRHA work session to address the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan (ACOP)

The updated plan is out for 30 days comments, and will be given a final vote at the May CRHA meeting.

The plan includes a number of significant changes to policies affecting residents, these changes are going to put a severe financial and social hardship on residents.

In short, the CRHA is trying to squeeze more money out of low-income residents, increase the threat of eviction, and approach all aspects of CRHA operations and tenant relations as punitive rather than providing safe and decent affordable housing.

Some highlights included in the draft plan
– increase in minimum rent form $25 to $75
– increase in late fees from $10 to $15
– decreasing the time that late fees will be assessed from the 10th to the 5th of the month
– automatic eviction for residents who are late 4 times in 12 months
– automatic eviction if resident receives 4 notices of unlawful detainer
– increase in pet fees- $200 deposit plus $10 per month
– stricter scrutiny for “zero-income” residents
– stricter scrutiny in income verification and determination

What isn’t in the plan
– eviction prevention measures
– a fair process for rent determination for people with sporadic employment
– leeway on rent due dates (ie people who get paid later in the month)

And more!
Please join us Wednesday to learn more, and stay tuned for how we are going to address this blatantly cruel approach to life in public housing!

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