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Barment and Un-Barment Policy Adopted !!!

PHAR is pleased to announce that after much hard work, petitions, numerous public meetings with awesome resident speakers, outreach to other community allies, and constant pushing for a fair policy the CRHA passed a policy at the December 20, 2012 meeting!!!

The policy is something we have been striving for. The unfairness, unaccountability, and muddiness of the current (now the old!) policy was keeping families from seeing one another, keeping caretakers from doing their job, and barring people with no stated reason.

The new policy includes pretty much everything we have asked for:
– clear procedures on how and why someone can be barred
– clear timelines for how long someone can be barred
– fair appeals procedures
– clarity on how the police can stop someone
– limited use of background checks on those seeking unbarment
– written notice to the resident and the barred person stated why the person is barred
– special visits for those barred but who need to visit their loved ones

And much more!

We’ll be sure to post the new policy, and get to work educating residents on how their loved ones and friends can come off the bar list.

In other BIG news- the December 20 meeting also had the CRHA coordinating with the City of Charlottesville to review the possibility of folding the housing authority administration under City control. They also agreed to include more resident decision making by allowing PHAR and the Crescent Halls Tenants Association to decide who will serve on the Strategic Investment Area Steering Committee. More info on the way!
Happy Holidays to All !!!

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December 1st Strategic Planning Meeting

PHAR Board Members and Advisory Board Members spent the day in strategic discussion around PHAR’s plans for the next few months.

We had a great group of Board and Advisory Board Members at the Strategic Planning Meeting on Saturday, December 1. Thanks to all those that came out!

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