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Redevelopment – Slow But Steady So Stay Informed

While most of the costs for redevelopment of Charlottesville's public housing will be a long time in coming there has been some activity lately, especially around Crescent Hall.  Some of that is thanks to the advocacy of PHAR members who brought out the critical safety issues related to ongoing problems with the elevators. 

Here are two local articles that talk about what's being planned for Crescent Halland the Levy Properties.  Keep up with the website, follow PHAR on Facebook or come to meetings.  However you get your information stay on your toes so you know what's going on and can advocate on behalf of you, your families and your neighborhoods. 

2012 will be a big year with these plans and a presidential election.  Don't let it pass you by!

From C'ville:  Redevelopment Hinges on Radical Approach

 From Charlottesville Tomorrow:  Crescent Hall Renovations Kick Off Redevelopment

Here's an excerpt from the Charlottesville Tomorrow article showing why PHAR's win of the Residents' Bill of Rights for Redevelopment was so important:  Tolbert said an agreement between the CRHA and public housing residents requires the city to house any displaced residents while renovations are undertaken.

“One of the requirements for relocation is that we have a one-on-one with every tenant that lives there and talk about their needs,” Tolbert said. “There’s an opportunity as we do Crescent Hall to use the Levy site for relocation of the people living in Crescent Hall as that renovation goes forward.”

Private companies, as well as nonprofit groups, will be eligible to submit proposals for how to develop both Crescent and Levy. The winning bidder will have to uphold the requirement that the city maintain all 376 units as public housing.

“In my opinion, what’s not up for discussion and debate are those guarantees on resident participation, one-for-one replacement and right of return,” Norris said. 




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